You know that?

Do you know that carpets can be used differently from the floor? In other parts of the world they are much more used as wall-mounted. Especially in India and similar countries. They are beginning to penetrate into our world in Europe and in our tiny republic. You can see them most often in tea rooms, where they create a perfect atmosphere. They have multicolored motifs and are normally hung on the wall. Most often, with sketches of different shaker or shapes, which creates an interesting spectacle.
Something like that at home?
Try to choose a nice and very luxurious piece and such a small corner as from the tea room to do even at home in your dwelling. Why not? It's nice and subtle, and it will create a pleasant environment and a cozy home. Of course, you can choose from many different color combinations or animal motifs and similar themes. You're not gonna do anything for the exam. So let's do it.

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