Radio Impuls

Radio Impulse is a Foreradio, whichyou can listen not only on your radio receivers, but also online via interenet. Listening online is very simple. Just click on the link to the Internet radio, start playing, and enjoy a wealth of fun.

You can tune up the Impuls radio to the Entire Czech Republic and enjoy different music every hour. The moderators here are alternating blocks and with them songs, live inputs, news from the world and from home. It specializes in conveingnews, whichbroadcast at regular short intervals.

Special competition

Radio Impuls is the only radio in the Czech Republic, which makes its program a special competition "Hello, this is impulses"! In this unique contest you can register on the contest's website or by sending an SMS. You only have to report it on your phone as Hello, here impulse and the winnings can be yours.

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