Preparing for the evening

Everything is going on, you're sure. My dear is a beautiful chosen princess. Love is said to go through the stomach, this thing is known. I hope well, it'll be with us. I cook dinner for the English queen. I'm already on the table with a festive tablecloth. Spread out after him, the petals of the roses to be scented by your delicate skin. He will stand on the table a magnificent candlestick adorned with gold and diamonds, as my soul desires for life with you. You're my diamond.
What's next?
I will light the candle when it gets dark, on the plate I'll give you my heart. To him as an attachment, the promise of a common life is given. My secret dessert for you is the flower of the White Rose you love, with a stem stripped of thorns, as I want to prepare a common life without traps for you. On the stem of the Rosepetal strung wedding ring is hidden. I hope you answer yes to my request for a hand, because you have the water alive. Everything will be played in front of the new kitchen doors, they will witness our happiness.

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