Attracting New Customers: Tips on Fixing Common Lead Generation Problems

Taking a small business from startup to success story can be very challenging. While creating a website and putting keyword rich content on it can help to attract attention, it will take much more to increase the number of customers a business has. For most business owners, finding a way to generate more leads from their website is a must.

Once leads start to pour in, a business owner will have to focus on nurturing them properly. Studies show that 79 percent of leads fail to convert due to a lack of nurturing. The following are some of the most common lead generation issues a business owner may face and how to fix them.

Issues With Low Website Traffic

One of the biggest problems that most business owners have when it comes to lead generation is a lack of website traffic. If a company’s website has been up for more than six months and they are not getting any leads, then taking action is a must. The most common cause of low web traffic is a lack of website optimization.

If a business owner is unable to spot optimization issues on their own, hiring marketing professionals is essential. With some professional help, a business owner can take advantage of effective on-page SEO practices. Professionals will also be able to devise and implement an effective keyword strategy.

A Lack of Social Proof

Modern consumers want proof that a business is both reputable and trustworthy. One of the best ways to provide potential customers with this proof is by prominently displaying positive customer reviews. If a business owner does not put this type of social proof on their website, it will be nearly impossible for them to generate quality leads.

Compiling a list of positive reviews and putting them on the homepage of a website can be effective. Establishing instant trust with a visitor to a website can help a business owner get new business with ease.

Before hiring a marketing professional to help with website optimization, a business owner will need to find out more about their previous clients. With the right professional assistance, generating leads will be a breeze.

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