An amazing taste that will enchant you

You will become dependent

You also have to taste this year's hit, which is Acaí ice cream! Acaí is a vitamin bomb with medicinal effects on the human organism. Ice cream refreshment is so for the first time in the history of healthy and practically almost dietary. It hasn't been here yet! Taste both you and your customers. The benefits will be appreciated especially by your ladies customer.
Get to know quality ice cream

Acaí Ice Cream is an exclusive and excellent ice cream produced from the tropical berries of Acaí Berry. These berries are imported directly from the Brazilian forest, where they grow on tropical palm trees. The taste of Acaí ice cream is really delicate and especially original. You will not forget about her taste, neither you nor your customers, who are going to go to you again and again.


In addition to its delicious taste, Acaí ice cream also has very beneficial and miracorous effects on the human body and mind. It pleasantly refreshes the whole body and gives it the necessary vitamins, as well as reduce the number of harmful substances in the body. Additionally, Acaí promotes weight loss. Summer refreshment has not yet been healthier!

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