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Are you thinking that you would like to exchange your shop furniture in your company or at home, but not yet know which company to buy? Well, you're right here. Our company offers a large assortment to your office and you have a large selection from which you can choose. And all at low prices! It pays to buy with us!
There is nothing simpler than visiting our website and you will be convinced that you are at the best place to buy your shop furniture. And our other advantage is that shipping to you is absolutely free and we have a guarantee for 7 years! The most important are our customers, it is you and we always care about your satisfaction and therefore we put all the emphasis on the best quality.
We are the best for you
Check it out today and our shop furniture is ready for delivery! We supply more than 3 days! It's very fast and it's our next huge advantage. You can also see the catalogue, which is a clear selection of all the goods with the photos we offer. We value every customer, so do not hesitate to take a tour of our offered assortment!

We have a plethora of assortment

Electro World

Welcome to our online electronics store. You'll find all sorts of electronic devices you need in your home or leisure time. is a world in which you will not lose.

Electro World

We have a plethora of our assortment. Whether you are looking for electronic appliances in the kitchen or in your room, you will find everything in one place. With us in electro world. Choose from our wide range, which we constantly change.

Electronics for Everyone

Looking for a new MP3? Camera? Or maybe a kitchen mixer? That's no problem. We offer you a wide range of electronics. Whether you're young or old, everyone chooses us. Today's time without electronics can not do. Electronics has become a part of everyday life of all people.

She plays every

have been raised for everyone who likes to play online games and like to enjoy themselves or with friends at the computer. Mostly strategic, racing and alcoholic games, entertain every boy without a difference of age, but our offer is much bigger and chooses from it everyone.
If you don't want to think about it and you just need to seize and distracted, the tanks online in the HTF episode is a rich offer of funny videos of happy three freends that are guaranteed to entertain you. Their stories are so crazy that they never look around.

Games for Kids
Children's Games help children develop their minds to achieve the desired task. The operation is easy and the task is usually simple, so even smaller children can handle it, and in the games they will be able to learn and do their brains. SuperGames will simply be free of all ages.

For fans of Transformers

Games for our smallest

1001 Game play Now for you incredibly in one place, free, no limits. Play strategy games, play shooting games, play puzzles, play everything you remember, free of charge and without limits.
Rallye for all

1001 games such as movie Super games, table online games, racing games, strategy games online and many and many others are with us and waiting for you to play them. Have fun without restrictions. Choose your favorite game or get to know one of the new games.


Among the news supergames that we have prepared include for example table hockey, Roulette, easy chess, TG Motocross Game, Turkey Got Guts Figur, Skater Game Player, Young Olympiad, Pinball Pepsi Super and many others, from which you will surely choose a game for Your endless fun.

Fun games on the Internet

Do you want to play online super games? Then welcome to the site 1001 of the game, where among the hundreds of links you will find some interesting games that will entertain you for long hours. Don't believe? So sign in and see. We wish you a pleasant fun.

You no longer have to think about how to fight off Boreplay and to shorten your spare moment. Sit on the computer and enter the name of our page 1001 game. There's plenty of fun waiting for you here. If you like to strain your brain threads and you like to practice the mind, then look for a section of logic games. If you prefer the action, then look at the racing or shooting games. There's something for everyone.

Still new games

Among the games you will find classic games as well as new cool games. Regularly our website we free zoo game we update and enrich our database with more and more additions. That's why you never get tired of playing on our portal.

Bulletin board

f you were given the task of buying quality cork boards for your company or office, please contact us with your order and we will take care of everything else.

How to make it happen? Absolutely simple. Find the right Internet link and cork boards you need to order online directly from our product catalog. You don't have to worry about anything else, everything else will be arranged for you. What you have ordered will be delivered free of charge to the place you are specifying and you have completed your task.

Absolutely simple

Simply order high-quality cork boards from our company and pay attention to the issues that await you elsewhere. What you need is already solved. It's easy, isn't it?
And if you have already decided to order with us, do not hesitate and try it!

Shelving Racks

Do we not prosecge for time reasons to keep your body in shape? Working duties often crushes us in such a way that we can hardly care for the family and there is absolutely no time for hobbies… But we can make such a small gym at home, and the shelves can help us solve the space.
It doesn't have to be a vain idea, what do you say? At home we always have a few moments to investigate and so nothing prevents us from keeping in shape in our homes, when there is no time or will to occur in gyms or gyms. All the utensils must be cleaned up somewhere. Shelving racks can help you.
Home Gym
A home gym doesn't have to be a utopia. It's just about having a place to clean up the equipment after the workout, and we're going to help the shelving racks. Life is also about finding compromises and so do not be surprised when we can find a somewhat unconventional solution to our problems from time to moment…


Do you have many things and still struggle with the place? Surely you realize that the hardest thing about maintaining order is not the cleaning of things, but above all, and in the first place to find a place for each item, which will be able to always be comfortable to clean. It is ideal to buy variable racks.
Whether it's the storage of books, children's toys, utensils or garments, or, on the contrary, a completely different assortment such as full-color cans, tools, spare parts for all machines and equipment, there is nothing to put on the shelves. Their advantage is easy accessibility and clarity of what where it is.

Home Small Things
Do you have a lot of things at home or on a cottage, a variety of items that you don't use every day, but also daily necessities that still somehow wander around the house and don't have a permanent place to tidy up? You can easily place them and at the same time you will have them handy when you place them on the shelves.

We have the perfect condition of our vehicles

Car rental

Our car rental ranks among the best and at the same time the cheapest in the country. Come to us and see for yourself. We are still a fairly young company (Rock Foundation 2008), but today we belong to the main players in the market in our field. Our individual approach to clients and the absence of too much paperwork has shifted us to the leading place in the popularity of car rental companies.
Car rental

We are responsible for the perfect condition of our vehicles 100. Our car rental company provides our vehicle fleet with regular technical inspections and service. In addition, our car rental regularly recharges cars for new ones, so errors of technical nature occur quite sporadically. Our cars are not marked with advertising. We operate in the territory of the whole Czech Republic.
Our website <

You will find a lot of information about our company and our services on our website.

An amazing taste that will enchant you

You will become dependent

You also have to taste this year's hit, which is Acaí ice cream! Acaí is a vitamin bomb with medicinal effects on the human organism. Ice cream refreshment is so for the first time in the history of healthy and practically almost dietary. It hasn't been here yet! Taste both you and your customers. The benefits will be appreciated especially by your ladies customer.
Get to know quality ice cream

Acaí Ice Cream is an exclusive and excellent ice cream produced from the tropical berries of Acaí Berry. These berries are imported directly from the Brazilian forest, where they grow on tropical palm trees. The taste of Acaí ice cream is really delicate and especially original. You will not forget about her taste, neither you nor your customers, who are going to go to you again and again.


In addition to its delicious taste, Acaí ice cream also has very beneficial and miracorous effects on the human body and mind. It pleasantly refreshes the whole body and gives it the necessary vitamins, as well as reduce the number of harmful substances in the body. Additionally, Acaí promotes weight loss. Summer refreshment has not yet been healthier!