We are very beautiful

Calm bubbling water, singing birds, calm from all stress at work, clean air and beautiful environment offers you mountains in the Czech Republic. Choose chalets and cottages in all sorts of areas of our beautiful country and enjoy a peaceful holiday in the countryside of our homeland.
We can help you to secure the best chalets and cottages in the Czech Republic to your greatest satisfaction. Thanks to our years of experience we guarantee you real quality and quick mediation. You can arrange your stay for a year in advance, but we will help you with finding accommodation from day to day.
Individual approach
We approach each client individually, so we will help you to the maximum satisfaction of your holiday. In addition, we guarantee good prices, so the chalets and cottages can actually be chosen by everyone.

POPPERS up to 15 ml

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Radio Impuls

Radio Impulse is a Foreradio, whichyou can listen not only on your radio receivers, but also online via interenet. Listening online is very simple. Just click on the link to the Internet radio, start playing, and enjoy a wealth of fun.

You can tune up the Impuls radio to the Entire Czech Republic and enjoy different music every hour. The moderators here are alternating blocks and with them songs, live inputs, news from the world and from home. It specializes in conveingnews, whichbroadcast at regular short intervals.

Special competition

Radio Impuls is the only radio in the Czech Republic, which makes its program a special competition "Hello, this is impulses"! In this unique contest you can register on the contest's website or by sending an SMS. You only have to report it on your phone as Hello, here impulse and the winnings can be yours.

New apartment or house? Feel free to share your work with us!

In the case of our furniture shop in Pilsen you can be assured of the quality of Czech production and diligentately done work. You can come to us both for a new bed or for example a kitchen, so with the desire to change your existing interior so-called from the floor. You can choose from a wide range of timeless models, which make the rapid changes to what the most modern residential features are just as easy to shake.
Big purchases don't need tote yourself
So whether you buy a wardrobe, table or equipment for the whole apartment, surely you do not plan to use them directly in our shop and would like to get them home somehow. Perhaps you will also benefit from the free transfer of purchased goods worth more than 15 000,-CZK all over Pilsen. Do not hesitate to visit us!

When you say a work chair

When you say a work chair
When you say a work chair, everyone is the one who equipes him. What chair are you sitting at at work at home, school or computer? Is your chair really the right job chair, or do you just take a chair from the dining set at home and have a chair in the work for several years that has a covered seat and its construction just keeps it together? Perhaps you have not thought about what you are sitting on during a prolonged session. Perhaps because you have no signals yet that such chairs could somehow harm your health. But the opposite is unfortunately true. A long session at work, school or home is not at first glance as comfortable as it would seem. Even with a mere sitting, the areas of the cervical and lumbar spine, but also the muscles of the lower limbs, are affected. Long unhealthy sessions sooner or later give the first signals by constantly straightening, stretching, redirecting, or even having to stand for a while after a prolonged session because you no longer feel your feet. You have the choice-to throw away the old chairs, to return home chairs to the dining table and choose a work chair, which thanks to the certificates guarantees the healthiest seating, comfortable seating and thus higher work performance. Your attention should not escape our website, where you do not even have to read much information-just a video demonstration, which will introduce you what chairs you find in our offer and why the working chair from us.
Strengthen when seated
Strengthening during long sessions? Nonsense? Not. Our chair will not allow you to sit badly, your body is in balance and thanks to the special design you will maintain the ideal position of your spine. And what is the design of our chair so special? Our are equipped with a movable seat on the spring, which responds perfectly to your movements, with proper and yet natural sitting on these chairs, naturally, there is a strengthening of the abdominal and stern muscles. Have you not convinced our video? Then we recommend to read the opinions on our chairs in terms of physicians. We believe that you too are believing.

No side effects and a hundred percent erection

is no longer only a problem for older men. Even relatively young men have problems with its achievement.
Our laboratories are engaged in research on substances that can mimics the effects of hormones. However, we do not use any chemistry, so our product does not have any negative side effects. We guarantee you achieve quality erection and immediate effect.
Erection without a prescription
If you have problems reaching an erection, then order our natural remedy. You no longer need to rely on medications that your doctor prescribes, and which many men cannot use for health reasons. Moreover, the effect of these chemicals is short-term. Our remedy begins to act immediately and operates throughout the day. For more detailed information or for your order, please visit our website.

Special Offers

Would you like to find a way to make your stay in your bathroom more pleasant? Do you love a hot shower that always gives you blood in your veins, but then every moment you solve the mold in the corners of the room, or do you see the skrouded pieces of furniture you have there? Sometimes it happens, and therefore there is a fan to be bought, which for you will certainly be a super helper. Mostly these products are made of plastic, which is resistant to impact and you will usually discover them in white. Simply attach them to the wall and see how great it will work. The product also has a quality engine that will take care of all activity and get rid of you moisture.
Unique prices
But would you like to know whether such a thing is noisy, because you like to watch movies from the tub and it would probably not be great at the noise? You don't have to worry because everything is quiet and you can regulate your speed yourself, so you'll be affected by the noise. Feel free to try this path to your destination. The products are very cost-effective, they will surely come out cheaper than to constantly buy anti-fungal products.

Simple Glass is not enough

Winter Gardens must not lack good insulation for year-round use. Not enough to use simple windows, it is necessary to install double or triple. The most commonly used double glazing with a coated layer in combination with safety glasses. It will bring you warmth. We are happy to welcome all interested people and we will explain everything important. We look forward to new customers.
The garden is suitable for external shielding technology
Here you can choose from a wide range of both exterior shielding techniques and internal. We are inclined to think that it is better to protect the exterior shielding technology. They are awnings, exterior blinds or exterior shutters. The inner lampshades are no longer as effective. We can also offer special reflective glass. It reflects thermal energy, light-emitting.

All Comfort

Mácha Lake Accommodation offers you the opportunity to spend beautiful summer days in nature. We offer you all the comforts of a cottage settlement, where you can stay in four-bed chalets. As for the activities, besides the possibility of interesting excursions, you can use mini golf, trampoline, volleyball court, playground with sandpit, rental of boats and pedal boats and water pleasures.
Excursions and water fun
Macha's region is worth getting to know. You'll love him immediately. Romantic Castle Bezděz or Houska, Castle Zákupy and Dětenice with medieval tavern and modern activities in Liberec, you can enjoy it all if you choose accommodation in our Elite cottage. With accommodation in four-bed chalets with veranda and half-board offer, you can enjoy daily excursions in the area, but especially water fun in the lake.